The History Of British Monarchy Rules

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In the United Kingdom, monarchy is the oldest form of governance. In a monarchy, the head of state is a king or queen. The monarchy of the United Kingdom is regarded as a constitutional monarchy. This means that, while the Sovereign is the Head of State, an elected Parliament has the power to make and pass legislation. Monarchy is a political system based on a single person’s full sovereignty or control. The phrase refers to states in which the monarchy, or supreme authority, is vested in a single ruler who serves as the head of state and is born into the position. The rules are as follows:

  1. THE DRESS CODE IS STRICT. The royal family is required to dress modestly and never in an obviously informal manner.
  2. THEY ALWAYS TRAVEL IN ALL-BLACK ATTIRE. If the royal family isn’t prepared, they’re nothing. They travel in decent all-black clothing in case they have to attend a funeral due to sudden death.
  3. TWO HEIRS CAN’T FLY AT THE SAME TIME, That is if something horrible occurs. When Prince George reaches 12, he will be required to fly independently from his father.
  4. NO PARTICIPATION IN POLITICS IS ALLOWED Members of the royal family are prohibited from voting or openly expressing their political issues.
  5. PDA RECEIVES A FROWN even though there is no official rule prohibiting future kings from displaying affection, Queen Elizabeth II established a precedent that encourages future monarchs to keep their hands to themselves. 
  6. THEY DISCREETLY LEAVE THE TABLE When a royal needs to use the restroom during a meal, they don’t tell the other guests. Instead, it appears that they merely say, Excuse me and move on.
  7. CURTSIES ARE ADVISED While the British Monarchy rules official website claims that there are no mandatory norms of conduct when meeting the queen or a Royal Family member. It also states that many individuals prefer to follow traditional protocols. For men, this indicates a neck bow, and for ladies, a slight curtsy.
  8. SIX RAVENS ARE REQUIRED TO LIVE IN THE LONDON TOWER Legend has it that the monarchy will fall unless at least six ravens stay at the massive fortress. But, of course, no one believes that, do they? Well, it appears that way because there are currently seven birds residing at the Tower.
  9. MYRTLE IS USED IN ROYAL WEDDING BOUQUETS. This tradition began with Queen Victoria and was perpetuated with the marriage of the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. This lovely flower is thought to bring good fortune in love and marriage.
  10. SHELLFISH IS RARELY EATEN BY THEM: This isn’t a law, but it’s a good one that many royals, including Queen Elizabeth, follow due to the heightened risk of food poisoning.


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In this system, the country is ruled by a monarch, who can be a king, queen, prince, or even a sultan. The British monarchy rules are those in which authority is passed down from father to son. The elective monarchy is the second form, in which the monarch is chosen by the people.

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