The Rhodes Family – An Overview

Rothschild Family South Africa

The history of this dynasty in South Africa is one of power and influence, as it has led the country in a way that would make the kings and queens of the past blush.

Know About The Important Families Of South Africa

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When looking at the current state of South Africa, there are several important family members who have had a huge influence on the future of the country. Among these are, Nelson Mandela, Robert Kennedy, Nelson Mandela’s brother, Xolani Mandela and President Thabo Mbeki. However, it can’t be denied that their parents were also influential in shaping their lives and careers as well as their family’s future.

All of these members were born into families that have been members of the House of Rothschild; meaning that they have a deep and powerful tie to the dynasty. The members of this dynasty have always been involved in politics and the banking industries, so it’s no surprise that they continue to play such an influential role in South African history.

The families that make up this dynasty are believed to have originated in Germany in the 16th century. They were part of a group that was known as the Frankfurt School of Social Science. They were heavily involved in political affairs and were highly influential in the world of banking and finance. Their families became quite wealthy during this time as well.

The Oldest Family Member

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As a member of the family, the oldest known member of the family was the Baron Edmond de Rothschild who founded the world’s first bank. This branch of the family took its name from the German word which meant, ‘City of Frankfurt’.

Today, the families in question own the largest banking institutions in South Africa and many other countries across the globe. Their business empires span a multitude of industries including insurance, investment banking, financial and even banking and finance. They have also become major international investors in various parts of the world. Their business enterprises are still very successful and they have proven time and again that they are capable of leading and running successful businesses.

The Rothschilds are not only an important part of the South African history but the families that follow them are also very important as well. These families include; the Balfour family, British and French royalty, the Kennedy, de Roos, de Montfortes, du Plessis, etc. These families have had important roles in the evolution of South African society and in a large way. In fact, their influence has shaped the future of the entire nation.

Know More About Their Family

When looking at their different aspects, you will find that their family roots run deep into the past and they continue to influence the current day and the future. If you are interested in knowing more about the dynasty, you should definitely research them online.

You will find that they have been involved with many business ventures in the South African economy and have always tried to do things the right way. They have used their business prowess to help the country in several ways.

Last Words

There are many good reasons for the family to have a good reputation amongst South Africans and they are known for being responsible individuals and as a result they have been able to help the economy flourish. Their families were instrumental in establishing many schools and hospitals throughout the nation as well as creating an educational system that is widely recognized around the world.

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