The Rothchild Family in America Where the Family Tree Came From

rothschild family in america

The Rothschild family in America is an interesting one. It consists of both parents and three children who were born in England and later emigrated to the United States. Alice is a nurse while her brother Michael and sister Margret are doctors. They settled in Chicago, and after more than a century, they still live there.

The first part of their history can be found in the diary of Alice’s mother, Annabel, who tells about the family in 1820. At that time, the family was very poor, but then their luck changed when their landlord decided to construct a church. Although it was not large, it was constructed in time, and the family had a nice comfortable home.

The Rothchild Family in America

Rothchild Family

The oldest of the children, Hugo became very well known around Chicago. He was a very good student and won many academic competitions. One of his trophies is a gold medal, which he shared with his brother Michael. After graduating, Hugo went on to become a doctor. He worked in a hospital but then decided to open surgery.

The rest of the story is about the family and how their wealth grew until they eventually bought a farm. Michael became very interested in horses but then lost interest in them. However, Alice kept her passion for horses and even bought another farm where they raised animals.

The first of the Roses Children to get married was Hugo. Alice became pregnant and gave birth to a little boy, Michael Rose. He turned out to be very handsome with strong health. Alice and Hugo kept in touch with each other although they were very far apart.

Then one day, their daughter Margret became infected by syphilis. Alice and Hugo took care of her. They managed to give her a full recovery, but she passed away in June of 1849. Alice was very devastated because she could not have known what was happening to her child.

A Much Ado

Rothchild Family

It was then that they discovered the real story behind the papers. They read that Margret Rose had died of a syphilis disease. This made them very sad. They realized that their family was not rich. Their only option was to emigrate to America.

After coming to America, they settled in Texas. There are two schools named after them. One is at Wilson College, and the other is in San Antonio. Of course, they had other children and grandchildren too. They are proud to call themselves a Rose Family.

They are still going strong. The oldest member of this family is a lawyer today. The youngest is an executive officer of a bank in Colorado. Their great-grandchild is now very well known.

Margret was not the only great grand-daughter. Another one is Annabel Smith. Her mother was a Smith Family. Her father was a well-to-do attorney. Annabel grew up to be a very good student.

There was one more great-grandmother. She was born in Ireland and came to America as a child. Her name was Mary Ellerby Rothschild. She married Richard Holmwood Rothschild and raised four children. Her great-grandchildren are one of them.

Bottom Line

Richard Holmwood was very much interested in archaeology. He did a lot of excavations in Ireland and England. This is where the family got their knowledge about the Rothchilds.

The best part is the family tree was preserved. It is being studied by professional people. You can be a part of this research. So if you know anyone from the family, all you have to do is send them a mail and tell them about your interest in it.

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