These Historical Moments Seem Surreal But Really Happened (#3 Is Very Weird And Funny)

They always say that truth is odder than fiction stories. To find out if this really makes sense, just open any history book, and you will definitely understand why.

The Early Egyptian Strike Action

A sculpture of a person

Although industrialization resulted in the betterment of a well-organized workforce, the whole idea of putting tools aside dates back to ancient times.There was this misconception that was thought to have been created by the Biblical stories claiming that slaves executed most of the work done on the ancient Egyptian monuments. This is believed not to be accurate as slaves were not used in the primary workforce. In fact, the whole work was executed by paid men, builders, artisans, and haulers who found great pride in their work.

On 14th November 1152 BC, the very first recorded attack happened during the reign of Rameses III. This was after workers felt like they were overexploited following low and unpaid wages. This erupted during the erection of the royal necropolis (a collection of crypts/ tombs) at Deir el-Medina.

After that incident, most people thought that the pharaoh would order his soldiers to whip them all or execute the ring leaders by chopping off their heads. But his response shocked many people. In fact, he called for the increase in their wages, and the work continued.

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