Tom Hanks Pedophile – Did Tom Hanks Become A Greek Citizen

tom hanks pedophile

Did you hear that Tom Hank became a Greek citizen? Yes, along with his wife Rita Wilson, the Tom Hank converted to a Greek citizen. On July 26, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotaki announced by posting a photo on Instagram of Hanks and Wilson with himself, who were holding up Greek passports—also saying that they are now proud Greek citizens. According to the BBC report, Tom Hanks and Wilson have been visiting Greece for years and own a home on the island of Antiparos. Both of them expressed their love and admiration for the nation. But, what is the reason behind this? Is he doing this because of Tom Hanks pedophile? If you are also curious about it, keep reading this article to explore everything about it.

Tom Hanks Became A Citizen Of Greece 

A QAnon conspiracy theory doing the courses on social media untruly claims that Tom Hanks became a citizen of Greece as it categorizes pedophilia as a weakness. A Facebook post on July 28 that was shared more than 2,300 times said while a coronavirus occupied everyone, Tom Hanks became a citizen of Greece, a place that knows pedophilia as a disability. This post is part of a more significant trend of posts that inquest the new Greek citizenship of Tom Hanks. Besides alluding to Hanks that he was being included in child sex trafficking.

Pedophilia Has Not Been Deemed A Disability Under Greek Law

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In 2012, Greece offered to include behavioral disorders, including compulsive gamblers, pedophiles, pyromaniacs, and fetishists on the list of disabilities. The intention was that the extensions would facilitate better medical appraisals, but the classifications were not meant to influence disability benefits.

There Is Any Proof That Tom Hanks Pedophile

No evidence is there that can prove that Tom Hanks has engaged in pedophilia. Some claims repeated through QAnon conspiracy speculators arise from a feeling that Tom Hanks and many other stars and political leaders, including the Clintons, are involved with Jeffrey Epstein in an alleged child sex trafficking ring. Some theories claim that Hanks was a regular visitant to Epstein’s island and traveled on Epstein’s flight. But a look at Epstein’s jet logs’ jet by Reuters bears no indication of Hanks always staying on the flight.

First High-Profile American Celebrities To Announce Their Coronavirus Analyses

In March, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson were the first high-profile American celebrities to announce their coronavirus analyses. Some of the social media posts involve hashtags for QAnon. This far-right conspiracy theory claims that the world is controlled by a small crowd of elites who are pedophiles. Part of QAnon’s theory is a profound state reality run by celebrities, politicians, and business leaders who work in a child sex trafficking group and are acting against Trump.

Bottom Line

It is confirmed that Tom Hanks became a citizen of Greece with his wife, Rita Wilson. There is no confirmation that Tom Hanks is a pedophile, and Greece distinguishes pedophilia as a disability. The accusations are a range of intrigue theories implied by QAnon followers. We have tried to cover up everything about Tom Hanks pedophile and hope that you will get what you want to know.

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