Want To Plant But Youre On A Budget In Buying Pots? Worry No More Get This Biodegradable Plant Cups!

Do you love gardening? Do you also have concerns that plastic cups for growing saplings are just adding plastic pollutants? Are you searching for some eco-friendly options for nursery plant cups? 

If not also a high time, you must think and act at least a little upon rising plastic pollution, one of the most gruesome problems of current times. Biodegradable cups are an easy and budget-friendly option to replace non-degradable plastic cups. We can be a part of a pledge to control plastic pollution beginning with small steps at our home and backyard garden. If you have a nursery, then even it’s better. 

You can educate and inspire others too. Isn’t it interesting when these cups can act as fertilizer after transferring them into soil? It reduces the risk of root damage too. Let’s explore more about these useful and interesting cups.

Biodegradable Nursery Plant Cup For Growing Plants Gardening

If you are into gardening, how much the cups are necessary for growing small plants and saplings of vegetables, flowers, and even trees. Moreover, these traditional plastic cups are not so reusable. Biodegradable Nursery Plant Cup is a great replacement that is eco-friendly and also has a peat in it along with paper. 

The peat allows it to be nutrient supplying fertilizer to plants when buried in soil. So it also acts as compost. You can transfer the whole cup into the soil, so there is no more risk of damaging tender plant roots. Small plantlets don’t have to go through the shock that increases their chances of survival. It has no coating, just a cup, so any non-degradable material.

It comes in the standard size of 8x8x5.5cm, suitable for multiple plant types and purposes. With these Biodegradable Nursery Plant Cups, Bring a positive, helpful and eco-friendly change in your gardening practice.


  • Set Type: yes
  • Model Number: 14109
  • Material: paper
  • Size: 8x8x5.5cm
  • Package: 10pcs 20pcs 50pcs for choose
A cup of coffee


  • The nursery pots are eco-friendly since they are biodegradable.
  • It comes with a set that includes a different number of pieces.
  • You no longer have to tense about injuring the roots of the plants when transferring pots.
  • Most appropriate for nursery raising of crops
  • The product can turn into the plant’s fertilizer when it has been composted.
A close up of a coffee cup


  • It comes only in one size.
  • It is not a smart device.


Biodegradable nursery plant cups will be an affordable choice to make your garden more environment -friendly. Additionally, it will give you benefits of fertilizer, more plant safety, and enhancing the natural beauty of home and garden.

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