Was The British Royal Family Extinct 300,000 Years Back

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During these changes, the role of the British Monarchy has increasingly shifted towards being a mentor and a source of counsel for the emerging global civilization. This is what usually attracts so many to study Monarchy and its institutions.

The last two chapters examine the relationship between the British Monarchy and the Jewish people. It is my belief that this aspect of the book was deliberately hidden from the reader to maintain the secretive nature of the bloodline. One of the reasons I feel this is because many modern scholars do not view the Jews with the same eye as they did previous chapters. In previous chapters, the emphasis was on the impact the European Jews had on European society, and their role in the bloody history of Europe.

The British Monarchy

This chapter focused on the interaction between the Jews and the British Monarchy. Although it is my personal view that the Monarchy and the Jews were never friendly, I also believe that the previous chapter did an injustice to the Jews. The previous chapter implied that the Jews were trying to carve a place for themselves in the collapsing European civilization. They thus played a crucial role, even though unwaveringly, by serving as advisors to the hated Napoleon Bonaparte. This false impression was later corrected in the ibooks chapter by stressing that the Jews had played a key role in the foundation of the French Empire.

This chapter briefly examines the connections between the Bloodlines of the Monarchy and the Anunnaki. Many people are surprised to learn that the Bloodlines of the Monarchy share a common heritage with the ancient Hebrews. The authors do not try to obscure this fact, but rather to explain that the two groups of Jewish ancestry have common ancestors that lived in ancient Israel. The conclusion to this chapter concludes that the Anunnaki were probably not the true descendants of the Jews, but were instead a fabrication of the Bloodlines of the Monarchy.

The Bloodlines Of The Monarchy

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In the previous chapter we saw how the Bloodlines of the Monarchy interacted with the ancient Hebrews. This chapter now looks into the secret societies that the Bloodlines belonged to in the past. The secret societies of the Bloodline left clues for historians to identify them. Through deciphering these clues we will be able to define the exact genealogical structure of the Bloodlines. This information can then be used to identify the true Bloodlines of the Monarchy.

What is interesting about the secret societies that were associated with the Bloodlines of the Monarchy, is that they were extremely secretive. Nobody knew exactly what their intentions were or if they had truly done something. The only thing that the Bloodlines ever revealed was that they belonged to an ancient Sumerian society that existed before the Babylonians and the Egyptians. Only in the last century and modern times has anybody been able to decipher any of the hidden information that the Bloodlines gave out.

The Ancient Sumerian Society

The modern day scientists are hoping to solve the mystery of the Bloodlines of the Monarchy through DNA analysis. The ancient Sumerian society was very secretive when it came to their genetic testing and it was only after the completion of the Nebulotheist’s library that this information became available. 

One way that the modern day scientists are hoping to use DNA testing to solve this mystery is through the use of ancient DNA. If we could find ancient DNA from one of the secret societies of the Bloodline then we would be able to ascertain exactly what type of people that the Bloodlines belonged to. If the scientific investigation was successful then one would know exactly what type of people were Bloodlines in ancient times and also where those people lived.


Unfortunately modern scientists have not yet been able to complete the genetic testing that they need to be able to solve the mystery of the British Monarchy. If they were able to finish it then maybe we could once again assume that the British Monarchy was a secret society, but if they were not then we would have no more information than is currently available to us. Many people would also like to know exactly what the reason behind the British Monarchy disappearing so suddenly.

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