What Do You Need to Know On Mockingbird Lane A NBC Series

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Mockingbird Lane is a 2012 series that was run by NBC and was developed by Bryan Fuller. The first episode was watched on 26th October 2012. It was a Halloween special that gave a prominent road for the series to proceed with. The show was rated 18+, which revolves around the genre of horror fantasy, comedy, and drama. Let us now begin with the characters from the show

Mockingbird Lane, The Characters-

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The story surrounds the Munster family who are basically monsters and the plot points take a charge when the Munster family shifts to Mockingbird Lane. The man of the house is Herman typically resembles the monster, Frankenstein. His wife Lily is the vampire along with her father the Grandpa of the story. Herman and Lily have a son named Eddie who is a werewolf however he is unknown to the fact. This family has another member who is Merilyn who is, by the way, Lily’s niece. After you get to know each of the characters, you might experience a vibe of Addam’s Family. However, it is not.

The Story Of The Show

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The story begins when Eddie, the boy of Lily and Herman, accidentally transforms and attacks the ‘Wildlife Explorer’ scout group. Since he was unconscious at the moment, he assumed that the attack was by a bear. 

His Grandpa and cousin Merilyn both want to reveal the big secret which Herman and Lily somewhat feel is not the right time. In the meantime, Eddie is afraid of his future for he is scared that he might turn out to be like his mother and Grandpa. 

Meanwhile, Herman’s heart is on the verge of dying. The only solution to this impeding doom is transplanting the same with a live heart. Grandpa comes to a solid solution, in which he would like to kill the new neighbor, for it is not only beneficial for  Herman but also it is beneficial for the old man.

More On The Theme

The answer to the problem finds a swift solution when scoutmaster Steve arrives in the story. He has fallen for the lady of Munster’s family and is a widower. The old man tries several paths, however, Herman, Lily, and Melilyn manage to save the guy. But Steve dies at the end after incurring a hefty fall from the stairs.

In addition, Herman and Lily reveal the big truth of Eddie’s individuality to the boy which he reluctantly accepts. At the end of the series, we find that Munster gets a pet dragon to keep a watch over Eddie.


The series is a blast from the past. It’s based on the movie ‘Here Comes The Munster ’ which is a 1995 movie. The cast includes- Jerry O’Connell, Portia De Rossi, Charity Wakefield, Mason Cook, Eddie Izzard along with guest stars like Cheyenne Jackson, Beth Grant, Guy Perry, and John Kassir. Under the directorial venture of Bryan Singer and the producer Jayson Taylor, this was a good show that had a run time of 39 minutes which gave an amazing time to the audience.

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