What is the Origin of the Olympic Conspiracy Theory

titanic conspiracy theory

The sinking of the RMS Titanic on its way to the White Sea caused so much controversy and led many to propose theories about the mystery of the ocean liner’s sinking. There was much theorizing about what had happened to the passengers and what took place at the time. Some people believed that the passengers and crew were deliberately murdered with a bomb on deck, while others believed that an explosion occurred in the engine room. Some even believed that the RMS Titanic had been sunk by the German submarine U-boat of the Winterthur.

But one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the sinking of the Titanic was why, after the ship had left Boston, it ran into the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. There is no explanation as to why this happened, or who may have done it. There are several theories that have been mentioned. One of them is the titanic conspiracy theory, which says that there may be a link between the Federal Reserve and the sinking of the ship.

Some Interesting Facts To Know

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The Federal Reserve is an agency of the US government and it works for the benefit of all Americans. Many conspiracy theories say that the Federal Reserve was somehow involved in the sinking of the ship, or may have done so to cover up something that has gone wrong with the company that owns the Federal Reserve – called the Fed. Another theory is that the Federal Reserve controls or finances the flow of gold and silver through international banks.

But the most popular theories surround the idea of a worldwide secret conspiracy to control the supply of gold and silver, which is called the “titanic conspiracy.” It also includes suggestions that the Federal Reserve has some type of control over where ships go, where they are recovered, and who receives the gold and silver. Perhaps the most famous of these ideas is the notion that the Federal Reserve ordered the sinking of the Titanic.

Some Conspiracies To Know

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Many people believe that the Federal Reserve or the institution of central banks is behind the sinking of the ship. After all, it was several hundred years ago since the ship set sail and no one knows where it went. There are many theories as to why it came to rest at the bottom of the ocean. One is that the ship was purposely sunk to keep it from getting the knowledge of the greedy men who controlled the gold and silver market. Or perhaps they didn’t want the world to know that the gold and silver reserves had been stolen.

Many people think that the “titanic disaster” was caused by the International Syndicates, which is the powerful banking families that control the economy of the world. The International Syndicates are believed to have purposely sunk the ship to bring attention to the terrible state of the global economy and the way gold and silver are treated in the financial system. Other survivors of the Titanic include the Chinese, the Japanese, the Poles, the Russians, the British, and many more. Among all of these survivors, the United States has the strongest connection to the sinking of the Titanic. Many of their descendants believe that the sinking of the Olympic was actually an inside job. Others claim that the iceberg that hit the Olympic was actually a side effect of the larger conspiracy involving the International Syndicates.

Whatever the case may be, there is proof that something very suspicious happened on the Olympic and that it was done with deliberately. Some people feel that the conspiracy theory could be true and that the Federal Reserve may have purposely sunk the ship so that it would have no longer had to service its own gold and silver reserve. Others feel that the Olympic was purposely sunk by the British, knowing that the US would become involved in World War I. Regardless, of which theory you believe, there is plenty of solid proof that points to the Olympic being intentionally attacked.

Bottom Line

It is believed that the design of the Olympic was such that it was meant to sink as quickly as possible. The US government has kept mum on any suspicions or theories regarding the sinking of the Olympic, though it has released a few pictures. One picture in particular depicts three uniformed men on board the Olympic looking at a piece of information laid out on what looks like a white star. Many experts feel that the white star may be a symbol used to identify a US ship as a war ship. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: the conspiracy theory surrounding the sinking of the Olympic has gained enough evidence to merit some attention from conspiracy theorists everywhere.

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