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rothschild family origin

The Rhodeschild family origin can be traced back to the time when they settled in what is now Southern France and surrounding areas. There are records of two boys, Robert and Richard who were sons of Robert de Mortimer. They were also among one of the earliest settlers in what we call southern France. And as you probably know by now, Robert the brother of King Henry II was from the same town. The family lived in a time when there were no fixed addresses for people so when there was movement all the time, they would relocate to other places.

An Overview

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The location of the family eventually changed to what we know today as Antigua. In the year 1170, the family left their first home for what was to become Antigua and eventually settled there. The name of the first husband of the wife of Robert the second is unknown but he was called Richard de Mortimer. Several documents were kept during the family’s lifetime that shed light on the location and activities of this distinguished family.

Some of the important records include letters written by Robert to his brother John regarding things like the territory of their new land and the customs and beliefs of their new community. There was also a document written by Robert that has come to be known as the Will of Robert. This document is important to any study of the Rhodeschild family origin and its history because it reveals not only the physical location of the Rhodes but also their financial status. All of these documents provide clues to help researchers determine the precise location and genealogy of the family.

Rhodeschild Family Facts

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There is also documentation on the different members of the family. These are historical records that are invaluable to historians and those looking to research the family roots. One member of the family, Johannes, was a translator for the king of England. His experiences in this capacity are invaluable to those seeking to find the exact birthplace of the Rhodes. Johannes also served as a clerk to several notable families in Europe.

Johannes left his wife and two daughters and traveled to Denmark, where he established a home and a company. He also had been called “the dwarf of Bloemfontein” because of his extraordinary intelligence and work ethic. He ended up building a railway that ran from South Africa to England, making him very wealthy. In 1825, he married Anna of Danish descent and they had one son, Johannes. The family expanded to include four other children before Johannes became a naturalized American citizen.

Johannes took on the role of chief broker in the United States, traveling to New York City and negotiating with a variety of stockbrokers, including Henry Ford. He negotiated a peace treaty between England and the Boers and was also instrumental in helping to end the American Civil War. A statue of him is found at Fort Deseret in Montana and there are statues of him at the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. Navy office in San Diego.

The last member of the family to reach adulthood was Johannesburg-born Johannesburg Schoor. He became a doctor in the 1850s and practiced for many years before his death. His family became deeply involved in his practice and his daughter, HELEN, became his wife and helped to continue his work after he died. It is uncertain whether Johannes had any black African ancestors or not.

In The End

The Rhodeschild family has remained strong throughout the years. A number of the present day members still live in the area of Johannesburg and carry on the traditions of the past. Many of the original members of the family have become prosperous and famous physicians and others. They continue to influence the medical and social attitudes of the world today.

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