Why There is a Space Conspiracy Theory

space conspiracy theory

When I first heard about the Space conspiracy Theory, a thought bubble popped in my head. I can’t help it, I thought that NASA was hiding something from us, a huge secret. How can NASA hide something so big, when it’s sitting right in front of them? Well, it looks like they’re hiding something and believe it or not a lot of people actually believe this conspiracy theory too.

The big question is; do we even have proof? It seems NASA has proof of course, but it doesn’t really prove anything. Some people think the reason the government gave out all those spy pictures of our space vehicles, crop circles and alien craft is because they’re working on space aliens, crop circles and other anomalies that crop up all the time in remote areas of the galaxy. So the theory goes that the government is looking to prevent the public from ever figuring out what’s going on and wants them to be afraid.

Different Space Conspiracy Theories

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There are a few different theories floating around when it comes to the Space conspiracy; some people believe it’s a sign of advanced civilizations, others believe the pyramids in Egypt are aliens. Some people say aliens built the pyramids, others say it’s all a part of our imagination and that NASA doesn’t want the public to know what’s going on because they’re afraid of the public thinking they’re aliens. Well one thing is for sure; if NASA lets on that the pyramids really were built by aliens then they have a big problem because if we ever find one of those artifacts on Mars, the whole thing turns into an issue of conspiracy theory. You see, if the government lets everyone know that they took real space photos, and someone had them stolen and then had them analyzed and proved them to be aliens, then no one will take the truth too seriously.

Of course that brings up an interesting point, if NASA let everyone know that the pyramids really existed and that there’s proof of their existence, then wouldn’t the government want to get rid of all space conspiracy theories? They already have the secret space program, and they’re quite busy looking for aliens. It’s almost like they’re trying to save face with all these space mysteries that they keep missing. After all if the government can’t get people to believe them, then what’s to stop them from believing in other theories?

Popular Space Conspiracy Theory

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There is another popular space conspiracy theory that has to do with the Moon. Many people believe that there may be a large space structure on the far side of the Moon, similar to the structure on the Death Star in the Star Wars movies. Others think the Moon was built by aliens, or at least partially constructed by them. Could this be the reason why there’s no life on the Moon? Well that too is a conspiracy theory, and there’s plenty more of that.

Another popular conspiracy theory is about space debris. Do aliens have a lot of trash on Mars? Some people believe that the space debris they leave behind, some say that it’s given to NASA for research purposes, but some think that it’s trash and not something they’re interested in collecting. If this were true, then you would think that NASA would have found life on Mars by now, or at least some evidence of it. There are a lot of theories out there about this, and I could bore you with all of them if you needed that information.

Truth About Space Conspiracy Theory

The truth is, NASA doesn’t even know if the debris is from an alien spacecraft, or just from old space shuttles. The only thing they do know is that it’s there, and that they haven’t been able to find any living creatures. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be anything else. Especially now that we have found water on Mars, it could just be microbes. But again, NASA has no idea how it got there, or what the implications are.

Final Thoughts

This is why I have always wondered, how come no one is telling us about this stuff? Sure NASA is all about space travel and getting people to the moon and back, but now they have discovered water on Mars, and that means life, and that means we have another conspiracy theory to deal with. How come nobody wants to write about this stuff?

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